Join the growing list of companies and organisations choosing Ultratec to independently test, re-certify and repair their hard drives for redistribution and resale. As an award winning and fully certified data security company, you can rely on Ultratec to provide thorough and professional testing every time.

We currently have one of Europe’s largest HDD Test & Repair Facility, with the ability to test nearly 7000 drives per week. In these state of the art, ESD controlled workshops each hard drive is erased, rigorously tested and reset back to factory default calibration settings. This includes firmware upgrades.

Reverse Logistics

We offer a complete solution, including logistics and repackaging of the hard drives. All of our packaging is independently stress tested and drop tested to give you total peace of mind. This has been proven to almost negate costly ‘dead on arrivals’, even in adverse transit conditions.

Our hard drive testing service has enabled our customers to extract revenue from their hardware assets, an area of their business which was previously costing them money.

Safe and Secure Testing From Ultratec

We pride ourselves on comprehensive testing of your IT assets at our state-of-the-art facility in Hertfordshire. Our commitment to customer service is absolute, so if you need a longer warranty or a bespoke testing delivery solution, get in touch with us today.