Genesis Solutions

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How can Genesis reduce your costs & maximise your return?

The Background

The Genesis disk testing solution was born in the repair labs of Ultratec Limited UK, an award-winning provider of integrated data security and IT recycling solutions since 1996. Through our innovative engineering efforts – the Genesis solution brings the Ultratec repair lab to your facility.

The Purpose

The Genesis system enables large scale ITAD providers to implement high volume drive testing with a fully automated platform that allows non-technical labour to test SAS/SATA/SSD
HDD with zero operator intervention.

The Value

With our proprietary testing and repair protocols, Genesis customers can yield 23 times the working HDD’s for reutilization and resale, while minimizing labor, space, and waste stream contributions.

The Bottom Line

A more manageable and mature process for your operations that will help you capture greater market share and operating margins.

Systems Overview

Hardware Highlights

  • Custom designed by Ultratec for unsurpassed processing times
  • Up to 96 ports in a 19” rack form factor
  • Integrated networking, power, cooling, and 21.5” touchscreen monitor
  • NRTL certified
  • ADISA Product Assurance Certified

Ultraport-our custom plug and play drive mount system

  • Ultraport accepts any SAS/SATA 2.5/3.5 drive without extra hardware
  • Truly plug and play, the operator simply inserts the drive and the test executes in seconds
  • Each Ultraport is crafted from a special ESD compliant plastic to support an ESD compliant workspace

Fully Supported

  • Onsite hardware support and parts exchange
  • 24x7xNBD Customer support
  • No more wasted time supporting homegrown hardware solutions.

Ultratest Software

Ease of use for Operators

  • Ultratest GUI provides test status at a glance
  • Touchscreen interface is fast and efficient
  • Operators simply load the drives and touch the screen to initiate a test

Ease of use for Managers

  • Easily configure Genesis test schedules to run unique tests for each port
  • Support any mix of drives necessary
  • Our cloud system pushes updates you’ve approved to your production systems, ensuring easy access to the most current approved test scripts and software revisions

Reporting and Process Management

  • Review Genesis productivity and status at a glance via the web portal
  • View summary or individual test results, review logs, or custom reports
  • Enables your management team to better manage costs, profitability, and operator productivity in ways not previously possible

Data wipe-Ultraerase®

Partner with Ultratec-leaders in data security

  • Ultratec is an award-winning provider of integrated data security and IT recycling solutions
  • Ultratec have been awarded 5 DIPCOG approvals, along with CESG and ADISA accreditation for Secure Data Erasure and Data Destruction Services & Equipment

Ultraerase® Data Wiping

  • Ultraerase® is the world’s first CESG approved hardware based multi drive erasure system can perform a NIST 800-88r1 Clear/Purge function if elected
  • Genesis can provide a certificate of data destruction to meet your compliance requirements
  • Standalone data wiping software is no longer required