Ultratec is a leading supplier of secure, compliant data erasure and physical data destruction services, bespoke recycling solutions, parts supply and Data Centre focused hardware maintenance services.

Ultratec works with Government departments, large enterprises and financial institutions to ensure the security of highly sensitive data, through fully compliant and accredited secure data erasure and physical data destruction services and solutions.

Ultratec, which was founded in 1996, acquired Else Refining & Recycling in January 2017, expanding the Company’s capabilities to also include bespoke disposal and recycling services that are fully environmentally accredited. Else Refining & Recycling was rebranded to UltraRecycle in August 2018.

In June 2018, Ultratec launched its UltraSupport Services division, which provides a range of Data Centre focused maintenance services solely to the IT channel.

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