Test & Repair Solutions

Ultratec is an industry leading IT repair provider. With a long history in Data Storage repair, we have a strong pedigree and have used these skills to further enhance our repair centre services, capabilities and deliverables.

Our OEM trained engineers have spent many years developing test & repair platforms to enable us to perform repairs for you in our facility and now we bring you Genesis, which provides you with the ability to test, repair & erase Hard Drives & SSD’s in your own facility.

Take a look at just some of the highlights

  • NEW Genesis off-premise HDD Repair Solution
  • OEM trained Engineers for in-house repair
  • ISO 9001 processes
  • Use of OEM parts
  • Minimum 90 day warranty (in-house repair)
  • Fast & free evaluations (in-house repair)

We pride ourselves on our flexible services & solutions. So now the choice is yours.