[:en]Ultratec launches Third Party Maintenance division[:]

[:en]Ultratec launches Third Party Maintenance division – UltraSupport Services division to focus on IT channel services market
Stevenage, UK – Ultratec, the leading provider of data security services and solutions, announces the launch of UltraSupport Services, a new division to provide third party maintenance (TPM) services to the IT channel services market.
UltraSupport Services will expand Ultratec’s offering beyond data erasure, physical data destruction services and bespoke recycling solutions into the adjacent area of TPM services. The division will focus exclusively on servicing the IT channel market and will provide nationwide engineering coverage.
UltraSupport Services will benefit from Ultratec’s existing inventory and continuous supply of critical technology hardware to provide maintenance services, thus enhancing delivery of evermore stringent service-level agreements. It will also benefit from Ultratec’s engineering capabilities and access to Ultratec’s existing business infrastructure.
The division will be led by a newly appointed management team with market leading channel services expertise and experience spanning several decades.
Ian Turnbull, CEO of Ultratec, commented:
The establishment of the UltraSupport Services division marks the next key step in the Group’s strategy to enhance shareholder value over the medium term, whilst expanding the suite of quality services Ultratec can provide its customers.
“UltraSupport Services will leverage Ultratec’s existing business infrastructure, and will have access to the Group’s expertise and its IT hardware inventory.
“The division will be led by channel services experts with decades of experience in growing leading Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) businesses. We anticipate that UltraSupport Services will make a substantial contribution to revenue and EBITDA within two years.”[:]