Tape Drive Repair & Rental

Ultratec is Europe’s leading corporate tape and optical drive repair and rental service provider. At Ultratec, we understand that you can't wait around for your tape drives and libraries to be repaired. That's why we offer a range of repair and rental options to suit your needs. With multiple OEM trained engineers, over 20 year’s experience in evaluation, diagnosis and repair of all major brands of Tape and Optical devices, we can offer a 3-5 day repair turnaround as standard. 

Ultratec carry all HP branded heads in stock ready to be installed using manufacture approved alignment techniques.


In many cases, we can offer an advance exchange replacement to reduce your downtime even further. All of our tape and optical drives come with a 90 day warranty as standard. 

If you have an urgent or unique need for tape drive repairs, we can offer up to 24 hour turnaround and longer warranties.

Using the latest techniques and carrying many spares in stock we are able to offer a hassle free fast free evaluation.

For a tailor-made bespoke repair solution, contact us today.

Optical Drive Repair & Rental

We repair and rent these optical drives:

• Sony SMO
• Plasmon UDO

Tape Drives Repair & Rental

We repair and rent these tape drives:

• Certance LTO
• Quantum LTO
• Tandberg LTO
• Quantum DLT
• Quantum VS80 VS160
• Quantum SDLT
• Sony DAT DDS
• Sony AIT
• Tandberg SLR
• Exabyte VXA
• Travan

Library Repair & Rental

We repair and rent these libraries:

• ADIC Library
• HP Library
• IBM Library
• Quantum Library
• Overland Library
• Spectralogic Library
• StorageTek Library
• Sony Library
• Optical Jukebox Library
• Plasmon Library
• Sony Library