Data Recovery Services from Ultratec

At Ultratec, we understand the potential cost of data loss. That's why we specialise in a comprehensive data recovery service. We offer a free diagnosis on your drives, with no obligation. If there is no data recovery to be done, we'll charge you nothing. But if there is data to be recovered, you can rely on the expertise of our engineers. Ultratec has over 25 years of experience in data recovery with a success rate in excess of 90%. We have recovered data for FTSE 100 companies, government agencies, the NHS and large educational institutions.

Our customers trust us with their data recovery needs and we are proud that the biggest proportion of our clients come from customer referrals.

If data can be stored on it, we can find it. We specialise in recovering data from all data-bearing devices as well as RAID/NAS & SAN Systems covering all operating systems and environments. Our extensive R&D department constantly updates our processes to keep Ultratec at the cutting edge of data recovery.

If data can be stored on it, we can find it.

What To Do When You Have Hard Drive Problems

If you are experiencing hard drive problems, follow these steps:

  • 1) Don’t panic!

    Running more software or repeatedly switching the computer on and off can lead to more problems, reducing the chance of recovering your data.

  • 2) Simply switch the computer off.

    If the power is off, your data can't be any worse off.

  • 3) Leave it off.

    As hard as it is to resist, don’t restart the computer as it can often compound the data loss.

  • 4) Don't open the hard drive.

    Don't attempt to open the hard drive and fix it yourself. It is a complicated electronic device with sensitive parts.

  • 5) Contact Us!

    Our Class 100 clean environment provide a safe and sterile environment in which to examine your hardware. Our qualified engineers take the utmost care in recovering your lost data.