ITAD Services

Data protection has always been our priority but now in the new GDPR landscape it is becoming increasingly important.  The implications of a data breach for businesses and public sector organisations now have a much greater financial and reputational impact than ever before.  This is why it is important to use an established and trusted ITAD partner.

  • Secure HDD Shredding
    On and off-site services – our MAXXeGUARD [link through to Data Destruction] disintegrator is one of the only fully mobile CPNI approved solutions.
  • Data Erasure
    UltraErase® is our bespoke data erasure and repair software. It was first CESG approved in 2008 and continues to be improved.
  • Asset Value Recovery 
    If protocol allows, equipment can be processed and re-marketed via our dedicated sales team, giving you a financial return.
  • End-to-End Process
    UltraRecycle do not downstream any of our recycling or data disposal obligations. We have a fully operational recycling plant which ensures your assets are fully within our control until certified as data wiped, or destroyed.
  • Security Check Personnel
    Our collection staff and shredding technicians are SC cleared and all our warehouse staff are DBS checked.
  • GPS Tracked Vehicles
    Our unmarked vehicles are fully trackable. Tracking available to all customers on request.
  • ISO 9001/14001 accredited
  • Fully Licensed by the Environment Agency
    Unlike many ITADs we operate under a full Environmental Permit not a T11 Exemption, which means we are able to fully process your equipment to its end of life.
  • Approved Authorised Treatment Facility Status (AATF)
    We are able to issue recycling evidence on behalf of Producers and Distributors to assist in meeting Producer Compliance Regulations
  • Zero Landfill policy
    We are proud to confirm that our zero landfill policy means none of your IT equipment will enter landfill.

Call us now on 01462 812000 or email We will give you a no obligation assessment of your ITAD process.  Your organisation will benefit from reduced costs and enhanced data security.