At Ultratec, we specialise in careful and thorough physical IT hardware destruction.

Ultratec are pioneers of Physical Hardware Destruction techniques and solutions. Ultratec were the first approved Secure Data Destruction service provider listed in the Pan-Government purchasing catalogue (ICS catalogue). We have the knowledge and expertise to safely and compliantly physically destroy data from all data-bearing assets (DBA).

Ultratec realise Data Erasure is not always an option which is why we offer our Top secret Physical Destruction service for complete piece of mind. No matter how much data you need destroyed, trust in Ultratec for all your data security needs. 

Ultratec offers Secure Physical Hardware Data Destruction services to those who prefer their DBAs to be physically and securely destroyed to maintain maximum security. Our services provide irrefutable proof that the data has been permanently destroyed. We work to the highest Government and Private Sector standards to ensure complete peace of mind regarding your data. Extremely sensitive data, such as employee details, brand/proprietary information or financial information needs specialist care when being destroyed

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The Latest Technology For Destroying DBAs

We supply only the most advanced data security solutions and work tirelessly to develop our own in-house technology to give you the most peace of mind and the best, most secure service.

We supply MAXXeGUARD and Kobra units to customers in the UK and Ireland for those in need of an onsite solution.


Onsite Physical Data Destruction

Ultimate data security requires the ultimate solution that you only get from Ultratec. Our truly portable solutions, operated by our MoD security cleared personnel, can be deployed within virtually any building or environment. We have the only Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) approved service available today that will destroy any data within your premises. This spares you the risk of data bearing assets being removed from the security of your site.