Q&A with Pete Hodgson – UltraSupport Services

UltraSupport Services

19 December 2018


Pete Hodgson was recently appointed Managing Director of UltraSupport Services, Ultratec Group’s third party maintenance (TPM) and professional services business focused exclusively on servicing the IT channel market.

Pete discusses his views on the constantly evolving market for TPM and his ambitions for UltraSupport Services in 2019 and beyond.



You have worked for some decades in large corporates. Why have you now decided to join UltraSupport Services and the Ultratec Group?

Ultratec Group has expanded substantially in recent years and establishing the UltraSupport Services division was the logical next stage in its development. There was also a clear gap in the market for a channel-only third party maintenance provider so the timing has been perfect.

I’m excited to be part of a business that has built a strong, reliable reputation over the decades while always maintaining an innovative and entrepreneurial attitude. I’m looking forward to driving TPM and professional services growth in my division. But I’m also keen to promote a cross-selling attitude in all of the different sales teams in the Ultratec Group; this has always been an effective way to provide growth without major expenditure.



What are the benefits to the TPM business from being part of Ultratec Group?

Ultratec Group is one of the largest parts supplier in the industry; this gives us a huge advantage when it comes to spares provision for TPM contracts. Ultratec has always had a strong engineering team based at HQ in Stevenage so it didn’t take much for them to add the field-based engineers that were needed for a nationwide service.

Ultratec has different divisions providing data erasure, physical data destruction, refurbished parts, bespoke recycling solutions and now – of course – TPM services. Combined, we have an impressive sales force ready to cross-sell all of these services.

Ultratec Group has all of the certifications that are needed for a TPM provider, and then some. Those accreditations are crucial for the channel partners we work with and would have been a major barrier to entry for a less mature business. Ultratec has decades of experience with organisations needing high levels of data security (such as government departments, financial institutions and major corporates). We know what we are doing and have the pedigree to prove it.



What trends are you seeing in the TPM sector and what are you expecting for 2019?

The third party maintenance sector has consolidated significantly over the last few years. A number of channel-only providers have been acquired by organisations with an end-user sales focus. This has left a gap in the market for a proper channel-only player that isn’t going to present a conflict of interest to partners.

End users are looking to consolidate supply chains so the fact we work only with channel partners puts us in a strong position. Likewise the larger channel partners are also looking to reduce bloated supplier lists so the fact that we are strong in server, storage and networking across all the major vendors makes us a very attractive proposition for multiple service offerings.

We are looking forward to expanding our client base in 2019 as we continue to leverage the strengths of Ultratec Group to grow our TPM business.